Daddy When Can We Go Fishin?

Our youngest daughter started asking me to take her fishing after she got back from camp early this summer. Well, weekends are always busy at our house and my standard reply became “maybe next weekend.” Her persistence increasing with each passing week. I figured I’d better get her out fishin before she exploded. Saturday morning […]

The QBall45 Family Vacation ’13

After the discovery of a rotten floor in our popup tent trailer in late June, we made the move to something a little bigger.  This Rockwood Roo is a 23 footer with triple queen expandable beds. One drops out each end and the third out the side. This looks like it’ll have enough room for […]

9/11/01 Remembered

Life in America is always busy. There’s always something important to be done. Things always distracting us and keeping us preoccupied, preventing us from remembering historical events that have changed the World forever. This morning for me was no different. I was absorbed in my work and thinking about were I was going to find […]

The Rant #3 From My Cold Dead Hands

“From my cold dead hands” is a commonly heard phrase uttered by firearms enthusiasts.  However, it has also been used many times by the hopelessly addicted mobile phone junkie.  I will include myself in both of these groups.  One is a civil rights matter, the other a matter of personal preference.  The passion and commitment […]

The Rant #2 QBall45’s Job Stimulus Plan

We have been hearing Obama give speech after speach on the economy and employment.  The deal is simple.  Government can not fix the problem.  Government is the problem.  Increasing regulations and increasing the corporate tax rates always have a negative effect on jobs and the economy.  I am just not certain why most liberals do […]