The Rant #2 QBall45’s Job Stimulus Plan

We have been hearing Obama give speech after speach on the economy and employment.  The deal is simple.  Government can not fix the problem.  Government is the problem.  Increasing regulations and increasing the corporate tax rates always have a negative effect on jobs and the economy.  I am just not certain why most liberals do not understand this concept. 

What steps do I think need to be taken in order to improve the National economic situation which in turn will cause job growth?  My solution is complex yet extremely simple.  The only thing that the Federal Government needs to do is make life easier for small business.  No, I am not talking about cash bailouts.  Thats the last thing that needs to be done. 

How can the Government make life easier for small businesses?  There are several things that can and should be done immediately.

Decrease Health Care Costs
One of the largest and most unpredictable expenses for small business is cost of health care coverage for employees.  I see there are a few factors driving up this cost.  Excessive malpractice insurance that all medical professionals are required to carry is extremely expensive.  Tort Reform needs to happen.  This is one of the factors causing increased MI costs for doctors.

Decrease Energy Costs
Reduction in energy costs does not equal “green energy.”  By properly utilizing domestic resources we reduce transportation costs which reduces the cost to the consumer.  How?  Cut the red tape.  Drill here and drill now!   Making common sense improvements to the nations refineries will improve productivity further reducing the cost to the consumer. 

Reduce Excessive Regulations
I think this should be self explanatory.  Excessive regulation burdens small business.  Eliminate some and things will improve. 
Abolish The EPA
The Environmental Protection Agency was originally a fine idea that’s run amuck.  Somehow the EPA granted itself the power to enact laws and regulations.  Odd, I recall this being the job of Congress.  It’s high time we show the EPA to the door.
Decrease Corporate Taxes
The concept is leave the money in the pockets of the people that actually do create jobs.  By decreasing the taxes corporations pay we leave them with more money that can and will be used to do what they do.  Which is create stuff.  In the end this ‘creating stuff’ actually does create real jobs that people want. 

These are my ideas foreign as they may sound to some.  Try it.  What do we have to lose?  It can’t be worse than what we have now.

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