The Rant #3 From My Cold Dead Hands

“From my cold dead hands” is a commonly heard phrase uttered by firearms enthusiasts.  However, it has also been used many times by the hopelessly addicted mobile phone junkie.  I will include myself in both of these groups.  One is a civil rights matter, the other a matter of personal preference.  The passion and commitment […]

QBall45’s Android Journey updated 10-11-11

This is an account/journey/dateline of sorts. I will try to keep it updated with what’s going on as I move to Android and attempt to learn a new language. Stay tuned this should be interesting. —@QBall45 October 11, 2011 I can’t believe ita been this long since I’ve updated this. I guess I’ve been way […]

First Real Impressions Of Android

I figure its about time I put some initial thoughts together on my impressions on Android. Specifically the HTC Incredible 2. Having been an avid BlackBerry for some time, I made the decision to approach my Android experience with an open mind. A fresh start with a new operating system platform and a totally new […]