Mom’s Two Bird Stories

I have to tell you my two bird stories.
First off, there’s the crazy mother robin that decided to build a nest in the hanging pot by the front door.  She laid 3 eggs, but would fly off if anyone got close to the door inside and out.  So with all the roofing going on, it didn’t appear that she was on the nest enough to get the eggs to hatch especially when we had a couple of cool days in a row.  Well, last night I peeked in when I got up on the stone planter to water the hanging basket which is what I had to do so I wouldn’t get the nest all wet.  There was one baby still lying in its half shell but poking its head straight up at me with mouth wide open.  It was completely naked.  I just went now to get the vacuumn cleaner out of the front closet and it scared mama off the next so I took the opportunity to peek again.  Three little birdies with scraggly fluffy gray feathers sprouting and mama had kicked all the egg shell remains out of the nest.  So it will be fun to watch them grow.
Yesterday we noticed two blue jays hanging around the back yard and making all kinds of noise.  We’ve seen them some, singley, in the bird baths, but never two and just staying so long.  When I let the dogs out, they got dive bombed big time, but were ignoring the dumb birds.  I got busy watering new transplants and pots, etc.  When I looked up Tessa was about ready to nose a small moving thing in the dog yard.  Yup, a baby jay.  She backed off when I told her to and then herded it to the chain link fence that it was able to flop under in the most ungainly manner.  The adults kept up their dive bombing even after that baby was “safe” on the other side of the fence.  I figured they just didn’t understand fences and kept working.  Then I heard big squawking coming from where the tall phlox is planted (by the rain gauge) in addition to rustling sounds.  So parting the plants revealed another baby jay.  This one so deep into the phlox that he wasn’t hard to catch at all, but boy did that make him mad!  All the dogs wanted to “see” him, but I took him to show Bruce and tell him why the jays were being so bold right then before putting him under the fence also.  He flopped off to be under a lilac bush.  Now I wonder if I’ve totally missed them nesting in either the maple or birch right in the back yard!  So much for being retired and sitting on the deck all the time!

— Thanks Mom for sharing this story. I know it wasn’t necessarily intended to share however, I thought it needed to be.

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