On Spelling And Grammar

Anyone who knows me well, knows all too well the struggle I have with spelling.  This is a fact of life which I have learned to overcome.  As a student, I detested reading and writing.  Papers, projects, book reports, I detested it all. Not due to laziness but rather a struggle with spelling.

My turn around began with a new (I’ll be darned if I can recall when.  Yes, it’s my ‘old timers’ kickin in.) interest in reading. Reading turned into writing, which naturally helps my spelling. Practice makes perfect with the assistance of a fine spell check application.

I recently began to notice that I have a strange problem while reading.  It seems that I no longer read, I proof read.  Structure, grammar and spelling errors leap off the page as if highlighted in yellow. However, don’t call me up to ask “how do you spell (insert word here).” My kids are all too familiar with my answer to questions such as this. “Pull out the dictionary and look it up.”


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