Calls For Restrictive Gun Laws

Originally posted by The Hill on November 8th, 2017. Gun Laws People Often Call For Here are some ideas for tough federal gun laws — most of which should have been enacted years ago. For people convicted of domestic violence, even a misdemeanor, how about a lifetime prohibition on firearms possession? Further, a government license […]

Take A Knee

TAKE A KNEE Reposted on the Ted Nugent official Facebook page. Originally written by Stanislaus Drew.  Copied and posted here for the sake of future reference to a well thought out piece written out of frustration during a time of National unrest.  Take a little trip to Valley Forge in January. If you don’t know where that is, just Google […]

How To Polish Brass Cases For Reloading

The following three videos are three years old though I haven’t changed a thing in my brass polishing methodology. Step 1 – Tumbler and media Step 2 – The mix Step 3 – The finished product Fill the tumbler bowl roughly half or just under full of lizard litter.  Add 3 cap fulls of the […]

Printable Target Collection

I’ve decided to share the collection of free printable targets that I’ve found while searching the interwebs. The pertinent particulars regarding origination should be visible on each target. So, I think I’m covered in copyright area as I’m simply sharing (without changing or claiming ownership) that which has been and currently is being shared for […]