EDC Gear Upgrade

The Smith and Wesson M&P 9c that has become my carry gun comes with 12 round magazines. While this is a big improvement over the 8 round magazines I use in my 1911 I was looking for an increase in backup capacity. The way I figure it is simple, if I end up needing my concealed-carry weapon I’m probably not having a good day. The last thing I want is to not have enough ammunition on hand should the day come that my firearm is needed as a lifesaving device. So, a pair of 17 round magazines have been acquired as a Christmas gift from my lovely wife. imageNaturally, the 17 round magazine is going to extend below the grip frame on a compact gun designed for 12 round magazines.
imageAlien Gear makes a great hybrid holster if you’re interested. I like the 5.11 Double Duty Tdu Belt.

If you did your math correctly you’re probably shaking your head right now wondering why the necessity for 47 rounds… The answer is because sometimes shit gets messy and there’s no such thing as having too much ammo. If you enjoy the firearms community I’ll suggest that you head over to Gun District and sign up to become a member. It’s a wonderful social media site much like Facebook only better. Unlike Facebook, Gun District was created by gun people for gun people.

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