Target Paper Recommendation


I will suggest using a 67# card stock for printing your targets on your inkjet or laser printer. No, you won’t find this at your local Walmart. You will need to stop by the office supply store or a custom print shop. I think the print quality turned out excellent. The best part of using this type of “paper” rather than the normal 20# copy paper that most of us use in our printers is that your target isn’t going to flap in the wind. Yes, card stock is a bit more expensive than regular paper. However, I think it’s worth the premium when you don’t have to contend with flapping targets down range. This would be of particular benefit to those using outdoor public ranges. I’m spoiled with my backyard range.

Please ignore my poor example of marksmanship. This was only the second outing with my 22/45. I am excited to get more time on the range with it as spring approaches. 

If you are looking for free printable targets check out the collection I’ve put together and posted HERE.

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