Homemade Case Lube

Tired of the expense of buying cans of spray case lube?  The last can of Hornaday One Shot I purchased sports a sticker that says I paid $9.99 for it. That’s ridiculous for a 7oz can.  After doing a quick google and youtube search I was able to find an alternative case lube that’s both cheaper and more environmentally friendly.  

Purchase: Buy liquid lanolin at your local health food store. Ask them to order it if they don’t stock it. Or you can find it on Amazon.  Buy the red bottle Iso-HEET from your local auto parts store. What you are looking for is 99% pure isopropyl alcohol. Lesser quality contains more water and impurities.  Last, buy a high quality spray bottle that’s made for chemical usage. 

Directions: Add 1oz liquid lanolin and 12oz Iso-HEET (red bottle not yellow) together in a spray bottle.  Shake well to mix. Put a few hundred pieces of brass in a plastic bin or lesser amounts in a gallon zipper bag. Add a few squirts to your homemade brass lube to the brass and shake for 20-30 seconds to ensure an even coating. Add more lube if necessary. 

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