What happened?
– When I open BBM on android why is there no ability to change the default tab?

What did you expect to happen?
– I expect to see the option to select which tab is default.  I want to have the ability to choose to have the bbm chat tab as default rather than being forced to switch from the contacts tab. In reality this is how it should be.  When you hit the bbm icon to open the app it should automatically take you to the chat tab if there are open chats. If none are active/open then I would expect to be shown the contacts tab.

How often do you observe this?
– Every time I use the app.

Steps needed to get to this situation:
1. Convince the powers that be to pick up an android device and open the app. They’ll quickly figure out what I’m talking about. 

Steps to resolve this issue:
1. Convince the last few remaining BlackBerry users to convert to another platform. (extremely unlikely to occur)
2. BBM ceases to exist. (also unlikely to occur)
3. The tech wizards in Canada decide to incorporate a user requested change without months of betazone testing. (almost as likely to occur as a cow actually jumping over the moon)

My story goes like this…
Over the course of the past month my kids have upgraded their ipods and I picked up a newer used Nexus tablet.  So, I found myself with a pile of used electronic gadgets that needed to be turned into cash. Naturally, I turned to Craigslist and the Facebook for sale pages in my area. After successfully dumping four ipods and a Galaxy Tab2 I’m left with a pair of used phones still available. The first being an HTC Rezound + extended battery and an iPhone 4s both on Verizon. (Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell em here. Rather, just laying out my story.) Twice now in less than two weeks I’ve been contacted by the same number. Both times wanting me to provide shipping information on my iPhone and then they’ll wire/PayPal funds. Umm… No! No thanks. I’m not about to play with a scam artist. At least not in the way they wish to play the game. Below are screen shots of this mornings text message conversation. I’m undecided at the moment on just exactly what games I will play with this individual. One possibility is to edit my listing to include a message with their number.




I’m always struggling with keeping enough free space on my Galaxy Note 2 even though it’s got 32gb internal storage + a 32gb external MicroSD card in the slot.  Awhile back I ordered an “On The Go” or OTG cable.  It has a MicroUSB plug on one end and a standard female usb on the other end.  Add to the OTG cable a usb thumb drive and you’ve got yourself the perfect memory expansion tool.


The following is a list of Android applications that I use and would not hesitate to recommend to a new user. Some of them are free, some are not. Those that are not free I’ve found jto be worthy of spending my hard earned money on. This list is in no particular order of preference. This list forgoes any applications that I use that require root privileges to function.
— @QBall45

Dolphin Browser








Nova Launcher

PicSay Pro

Press (RSS Reader)

SwiftKey Keyboard

Plume For Twitter

Domino’s Pizza

Craigslist For Android (Clapp)

Tapatalk 4

Chrome Browser

Business Calendar


Amazon Mobile

Dogcatcher Podcast Player

Solid Explorer

Alarm Clock Xtreme

ES File Explorer

Somehow I managed to allow my HTC ReZound to slip from my hand about a week & a half ago.  Of course it had to land flat on the screen on the vinyl floor.  After picking up the battery and the back cover I grabbed the phone only to discover that I’d just broken the screen.  The only saving grace here is that it’s just the digitizer and not both that and the LCD.  I’ve done some shopping around for repair service shops and have come to the conclusion that I’ll be doing this repair myself. 


This is a basic list of applications for the new android user.  By no means does one need to have any of these installed to enjoy the android experience.  However, this is a good place to start.

BeWeather – Everyone wants to know what the weather is doing.  While there are some other excellent choices there is not much better than BeWeather.  The radar is what truly sets it apart and above the others.  This is without a doubt well worth the money.

Dolphin Browser HD – This is the best android browser available.  (I’ve tried just about everything available)  There are plugins that provide additional features like FireFox on the pc.  (yes there is a FireFox android browser available.  However, it sucks.)

Google Plus aka G+ – This is simply the best instant messaging application available for android.  Personally, I don’t use the Facebook like part of it.  I use G+ rather than Gtalk because I can send pictures and group functionality works nice.

SwiftKey 3 – This is my preferred keyboard.  It functions flawlessly and the predictions are superior to any other keyboard. 

Greader – My preferred rss feed reader.

DogCatcher – One of the best podcast applications I’ve used.

ES File Explorer – Everyone should have a good file explorer.  This is free and among the best. 

Plume – I’ve tried almost every Twitter client available and always come back to Plume.  What more can I say?

TapaTalk – If you love to browse the forums you’ll want this. 

K9 Mail – I have a bunch of email accounts on my android and hate the stock android Mail client.  K9 Mail just works great for me.

DropBox & Box – Both are excellent choices for your cloud storage needs.  They allow you to have access to your important files from anywhere with an Internet connection and a browser.  Upload your files from either pc or mobile device and access from anywhere.  Personally, I use both on a daily basis. 

Ever note – Simply the best cross platform note application available.  Works great on both mobile and pc.

All things Google – I have yet to be disappointed by any Google application.  The only exception being Google Reader and Google Music.  Others may not agree. 


There is no need to run on into a full detailed description of what Facebook is and how the android application functions.  So, I won’t.  What I wanted to say about it this morning is that there is been an update available for your downloading pleasure in the Play Store.  Big deal right?  Applications update all the time so what? 

So what?
In this Aug23, 2012 v1.9.8 update you will find three nice additional features.  Two of which I am personally certain that I will use and one I won’t. 

Change Log
New: Easily create events (something useful I’m sure but not for me)
New: Share photos faster with new Upload Flow
New: Add photos and emoji to messages

One word of caution… I have had multiple force closes with this particular update.  I’m uncertain and haven’t verified with other trusted android abusers if this is a bug in the application or possibly just an isolated case of “application not playing rnice with my rom of choice.”  I will do some checking and if I find in fact it is a bug in the application I will attach a link to the previous version here.

I have checked in with several other trusted android abusers to see if they were seeing the same force close issue that I found. Consensus is that yes there appears to be a bug in today’s v1.9.8 update. If you are experiencing these issues grab the previous 1.9.7 version HERE