QBall45’s Recommended Android Applications

This is a basic list of applications for the new android user.  By no means does one need to have any of these installed to enjoy the android experience.  However, this is a good place to start.

BeWeather – Everyone wants to know what the weather is doing.  While there are some other excellent choices there is not much better than BeWeather.  The radar is what truly sets it apart and above the others.  This is without a doubt well worth the money.

Dolphin Browser HD – This is the best android browser available.  (I’ve tried just about everything available)  There are plugins that provide additional features like FireFox on the pc.  (yes there is a FireFox android browser available.  However, it sucks.)

Google Plus aka G+ – This is simply the best instant messaging application available for android.  Personally, I don’t use the Facebook like part of it.  I use G+ rather than Gtalk because I can send pictures and group functionality works nice.

SwiftKey 3 – This is my preferred keyboard.  It functions flawlessly and the predictions are superior to any other keyboard. 

Greader – My preferred rss feed reader.

DogCatcher – One of the best podcast applications I’ve used.

ES File Explorer – Everyone should have a good file explorer.  This is free and among the best. 

Plume – I’ve tried almost every Twitter client available and always come back to Plume.  What more can I say?

TapaTalk – If you love to browse the forums you’ll want this. 

K9 Mail – I have a bunch of email accounts on my android and hate the stock android Mail client.  K9 Mail just works great for me.

DropBox & Box – Both are excellent choices for your cloud storage needs.  They allow you to have access to your important files from anywhere with an Internet connection and a browser.  Upload your files from either pc or mobile device and access from anywhere.  Personally, I use both on a daily basis. 

Ever note – Simply the best cross platform note application available.  Works great on both mobile and pc.

All things Google – I have yet to be disappointed by any Google application.  The only exception being Google Reader and Google Music.  Others may not agree. 


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