Bug Report I Sent To BlackBerry In Regards To BBM

What happened? – When I open BBM on android why is there no ability to change the default tab? What did you expect to happen? – I expect to see the option to select which tab is default.  I want to have the ability to choose to have the bbm chat tab as default rather […]

QBall45’s Recommended Android Applications

This is a basic list of applications for the new android user.  By no means does one need to have any of these installed to enjoy the android experience.  However, this is a good place to start. BeWeather – Everyone wants to know what the weather is doing.  While there are some other excellent choices […]

Facebook For Android v1.9.8 Aug23, 2012

There is no need to run on into a full detailed description of what Facebook is and how the android application functions.  So, I won’t.  What I wanted to say about it this morning is that there is been an update available for your downloading pleasure in the Play Store.  Big deal right?  Applications update […]

Amazon App Store Free App Of The Day: QuickOffice Pro

Do you find yourself spending to much time glued to your office computer working on that important “project” for the boss?  Why not free yourself from the bonds of that computer and take your work with you with this mobile Microsoft Office application?  Not interested in shelling out the big bucks for a mobile app […]