Facebook For Android v1.9.8 Aug23, 2012

There is no need to run on into a full detailed description of what Facebook is and how the android application functions.  So, I won’t.  What I wanted to say about it this morning is that there is been an update available for your downloading pleasure in the Play Store.  Big deal right?  Applications update all the time so what? 

So what?
In this Aug23, 2012 v1.9.8 update you will find three nice additional features.  Two of which I am personally certain that I will use and one I won’t. 

Change Log
New: Easily create events (something useful I’m sure but not for me)
New: Share photos faster with new Upload Flow
New: Add photos and emoji to messages

One word of caution… I have had multiple force closes with this particular update.  I’m uncertain and haven’t verified with other trusted android abusers if this is a bug in the application or possibly just an isolated case of “application not playing rnice with my rom of choice.”  I will do some checking and if I find in fact it is a bug in the application I will attach a link to the previous version here.

I have checked in with several other trusted android abusers to see if they were seeing the same force close issue that I found. Consensus is that yes there appears to be a bug in today’s v1.9.8 update. If you are experiencing these issues grab the previous 1.9.7 version HERE

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