The Rant

A nice wallpaper? Of course it is that and much more to me. This simple piece of art reminds me that no matter how overwhelmed I feel by darkness there’s always a ray of light. This ray of light is inside me and you and all who believe. Believe? In what? No, whom not what. Believe in Christ Jesus for it is by His Light alone I navigate the darkness and evil of the world.


Tonight the doors of have swung closed for the final time.  The end of an era.  This has not been unexpected.  In fact, the closing of unfortunately has been eminent for some time. 

The simple reason any site including shuts down is the lack of time available to dedicate to adding fresh content.  The reality of life is that we all have real jobs that pay the bills at home.  The small amount of time left in the day after work is usually filled family activities.  While each staff member at would love to sit and write breaking tech news stories, code hybrids and develop roms we simply can not pay the mortgage that way.  Sometimes real life is just that simple. 

I want to say thank you to everyone that has contributed to the site and given so freely of their time.  Your efforts are appreciated.  To all the staff, MyBBOTA and I wish to say thank you for all that you have done all while putting up with my stubborn opinionated self.

The question of the day
Who dreamed up the idea of replacing traffic lights with a roundabout?

The problem
Apparently a small number of people shouldn’t be allowed to drive.  Why?  The reason is elementary, they didn’t graduate kindergarten.  I know you’re looking at me in that puzzled way that says “he must be confused.”  In kindergarten children learn the colors of the STOP light and what each color means. They also understand what a STOP sign means. 

Here’s the story.  According to DOT it is safer to replace the standard traffic control signals (lights or signs) which actually require drivers to stop with roundabouts which only require drivers to slow down enough to navigate around a circle.

The Rant
Imagine this:
A busy intersection with unobstructed view from the four directions of travel that cross at said intersection.

Uncontrolled :
As you can imagine everyone would be at extreme risk of great bodily harm if there were no traffic control signals of any kind. Taking turns and “yield to the right” work so well in today’s self absorbed “me” society. The carnage of twisted metal and bodies would be crazy so as a civilized society we add some control instruments at busy intersections.

An intersection with traffic control signals, either lights or signs, is by far the safest type of intersection. The only thing safer would be using an overpass oe parallel roads that never intersect.

The Roundabout:

The roundabout is the ultimate in uncomfortably uncontrolled mayhem controlled only by the Yield sign and uniform direction of travel. Ok, I’ll give you the uniform direction of travel is safer than crossing traffic. However, merging traffic that never uses a turn signal negates the additional safety factor added by uniform direction of travel.

The Solution
While I am a firm believer in Darwins Theory of The Survival of The Fittest. I understand the necessity for protecting the young and inexperienced as well as the elder generation. This is why I believe that roundabouts are evil. Both young and old may be easily confused by a roundabout… Who goes first? Is it my turn? They’re just jumping in the circle so I can jump in too right? Do I need to use my turn signal?

Let us work diligently to keep the most precious among us safe from confusion by doing away with the roundabout in favor of lights and signs.

All to often I see parents leaving their children unattended in a parked car.  Most commonly this is seen at the gas station where the car is left running and with doors locked in clear view of the cash register.  (somehow this makes it “ok”)  Before I go any further I’ll admit that I’m guilty of this myself.

Unnecessary Death Caused By Stupidity
Somewhere along the line we as a society have become far to busy and distracted by all the things we have going on in our lives. So distracted in fact that somehow we” forget” the toddler we’ve not long ago strapped into the children safety seat in the back seat. Somehow we manage to “forget” the constant babbling of the child not three feet behind us safely strapped in for Safey sake. Somehow we manage to forget about dropped the children off at daycare only to leave them to die a Slow Death in a mobile oven that is more commonly referred to as a car.

The Question
How the heck can anyone “forget” the simple fact that there’s a child in the back seat? I find it impossible to “forget” when I have my children along in town. How? How do you forget?

The Problem
You’ve read this far and I’m sure you want to know why I’ve been using quotes around the word forget. The answer is simple. Yet again this morning I hear that another young child was “forgotten” to be dropped off at daycare. This is simply ridiculous. It is not even possible to legitimately forget the fact that you carried out to the car all the stuff that goes with a kid. Diaper bag, sippy cups, blankie, bear/doll, and let’s not forget the kid you scooped up in your arms and carefully buckled in.

The Solution
The simplest solution to preventing unnecessary death of children caused by parental stupidity is to use that thingy between your ears. Once you’ve painstakingly loaded all the necessary junk in the car and have buckled em in their car seats with those child proof buckles take a picture of em sitting there in the back seat. Set that picture immediately as the wallpaper on your phone. Next, pull that diaper bag out of the back and set it on front passenger seat. Lastly tape a note on the dash.

Parting Thoughts
At the end of the day nothing else matters beyond the safety and well being of our children. As responsible parents it is our duty to watch over and protect the ones we love. So we must unplug from life’s distraction if only for the short time our children are with us in the car. Please remember only one thing today… Only you can prevent the Unnecessary Death Of Your Child Caused By Your Own Stupidity. In the simplest words possible… Pull your head out of your arse.


This is classic. 


Ever go shopping and find that some moron has parked like an idiot?  Of course you have.   We’ve all seen it.  Wish you could give ’em a ticket that explains just how stupid they are?  Yup… Me too.   Well head on over to and grab the handy pdf file and print off some to keep handy in the glovebox.

I’ve previously written on the subject of mobile application developers.  Most of the time it’s in a positive light.  Once in a while I trip over something that just needs to have a spotlight shown on it.  As is the case today.  Below you will find a screen shot of an email reply from a developer to a paying customer.


This is simply inexcusable behavior by a professional developer.  Period.  I can not begin to imagine what he was thinking. Obviously he wasn’t.

In the case of developers that display poor judgment or fail miserably at providing quality customer service after accepting payment I have no option but to bring it forth to the public.