It’s Plainly Obvious


I was passed this image and asked to write something on what I see when I look at it. So here goes…

What I see in this picture is, I think, plainly obvious to the vast majority of Americans at this point in time. Barack Hussein Obama, a man that can only be described as vehemently anti American. A man that legitimately hates absolutely everything that America stands for.

He is the man that ran both of his Presidential campaigns on the principle of “fundamentally transforming America” at a time in American history when most Americans truly wanted change. The change we desired was a change in the party politics and games that have been played by those that we’ve elected to represent us in Washington. Unfortunately, the “change” we have received has been the fundamental transforming of America into a European style of Socialism, exactly as Obama promised in his campaign speeches.

When I look at the picture above I see an egotistical maniac that thinks he knows what’s in the best interest of millions of Americans. Ridiculous as it may sound, he really believes in the things he says. How could this be possible? I’m not exactly certain. World history is replete with examples which demonstrate how progressivism fails miserably each and every time it is forced on a population. Progressivism causes nothing less than a total catastrophic destruction of a nations economic and social structure.


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