The End Has Arrived For

Tonight the doors of have swung closed for the final time.  The end of an era.  This has not been unexpected.  In fact, the closing of unfortunately has been eminent for some time.  The simple reason any site including shuts down is the lack of time available to dedicate to adding fresh […]

Roundabouts vs Traffic Lights

The question of the day Who dreamed up the idea of replacing traffic lights with a roundabout? The problem Apparently a small number of people shouldn’t be allowed to drive.  Why?  The reason is elementary, they didn’t graduate kindergarten.  I know you’re looking at me in that puzzled way that says “he must be confused.”  […]

Unnecessary Death Caused By Stupidity

All to often I see parents leaving their children unattended in a parked car.  Most commonly this is seen at the gas station where the car is left running and with doors locked in clear view of the cash register.  (somehow this makes it “ok”)  Before I go any further I’ll admit that I’m guilty […]

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

I was cruising the boards this morning as is my normal morning ritual.  I came across a thread on XDA that caught my eye.  *Click*  A good thread title grabs my attention in the same way a good headline in a newspaper does… Oh wait… I don’t actually read the paper copy of the Paper […]

Mine Is Better Than Yours

It’s always the same story when a group of people engage in conversation.  Inevitably the conversation turns into “my ‘X’ is better than your ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ and here’s the reason why…” This conversation is as old as time. I can only imagine prehistoric caveman sitting around the front of the cave discussing who has […]