This Week – As I See It

I absolutely love using the WordPress Mobile application on my android devices. Unfortunately, this mobile application has made me lazy. I seldom jump on my laptop to update the under the hood stuff like I should. I managed to force myself to do just that last night. After updating several plugin’s, I cleaned up the menu to make it cleaner looking and drafted four (including this one) new posts to be published today.

Did I mention that yesterday was another 730 mile day on the road? This week I will end up hitting 3,700+ miles. Which makes three consecutive weeks with outstanding paychecks.

Drivers of normal 4 wheeled automobiles seriously need to learn how to pay attention when they find themselves around semi trucks. It’s been one of those weeks out here on the road. I am hoping for a stress free ride back to the shop today. We’ll see how it goes.

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