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Working On The Railroad 

I had the opportunity to assist with building a temporary road that is going to be used for replacing a bridge. Only one load of many was actually driven in.  The others had to be backed in. The final load I delivered to the railroad project was supposed to be dumped at the cone. I

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Garage Floor Demo

Occasionally it becomes necessary to remove a perfectly good garage floor because of water caused damage. In this particular case ground water caused the block walls,  that support the building, to lean out in such a way as to put the building at risk of collapse.

Air Ride Suspension Upgrade 

One of our newer dump trucks was purchased a few years ago with a spring ride rear suspension.  This makes for a miserably rough ride both on and off road.  Finally,  after several drivers rotated in and out of #12 the powers that be made the decision to upgrade the suspension system this truck should

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Are You Suffering From ‘TARD’?

Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD) is a pattern of pathologically dis-associative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time. Sufferers of TARD often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme sadness. People with TARD are characterized

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Excavator Cleaning 

This morning I spent three hours working on cleaning an excavator.  Yes it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  This 325 Cat looks monstrous when it’s inside the shop.  In reality it isn’t all that big. First things first.  What can be removed from the tracks with a space must be removed.

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Side Dump Trucking

This week I had the opportunity to jump in the side dump for a while.  The tractor trailer is something I’m extremely familiar with.  However, running a trailer that tips sideways is a new thing for me.  After spending a few minuets getting used to the controls for the trailer I went to load.  I

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Stuff Happens

Sometimes things just happen.  The first load of 3″ rock was delivered and spread to perfection.  In fact subsequent loads were dumped in a pile as the dozer operator really wanted something to do.   Sometimes you completely rely on the guy on the ground giving hand signal directions.  Most often this works out very

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