Eating Out 2020 Style

This is how nonsensical this mask wearing is!! Lmfao!!!

Wear your mask! This is hysterical l! 😂😂

I swear, it’s magical!

“Let’s go out to eat, 2020 style…

  1. Arrive at restaurant, fish three month old single-use surgical mask out of car’s filthy cupholder (still slightly sticky from this morning’s 84oz diet Pepsi).
  2. Strap up with three month old single-use surgical mask.
  3. Proceed into restaurant, opening door with same handle grabbed by 200 people so far today.
  4. Hostess has immediate seating for your woke party of three. Walk past entire restaurant of unmasked people. It’s ok, they’re sitting.
  5. Sit down.
  7. Safely within your anti-germ forcefield, remove mask. Browse menu while making relaxed inhales of the same recirculated AC air previously inside the lungs of the 200 people that also grabbed the door handle.
  8. Waitress drops off drinks bare handed.
  9. Grab drink with your bare hand. Sip leisurely, secure in knowing you’re within your anti-germ forcefield of seatedness.
  10. Too many drinks. Need to pee. Don the magical anti-germ barrier mask as you leave your anti-germ forcefield of seatedness.
  11. Walk past 40 unmasked restaurant patrons. Open bathroom with same door knob grabbed by 100 other people so far today.
  12. Return to table past same 40 unmasked restaurant patrons.
  13. Remove mask. Once again safe in your anti-germ forcefield of seatedness. Waitress takes your sweaty drink glass with her bare hand, refills, hands back to you. You accept with your bare hand. Grab some bread and eat it. Same hand. Yum Yum.
  14. Meal complete. Mask on. Walk past 40 unmasked patrons. Make full body contact with at least 4 people waiting at the hostess stand as you squeeze your way back to the door – no matter, they’re all also wearing their magical anti-germ barriers.
  15. Grab exit handle, which you are now the 220th person of the day to touch. Eating out successful.
  16. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that even after leaving the protection of your home and venturing out into the scary world of the public, you are essentially sterile thanks to your state approved methods of magical germ mitigation.”

Copy and repost if you like, I did. Yes, this came from my Facebook newsfeed and published here for your amusement.

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