Beta Testing

What is beta testing?
Beta testing is the process used by developers to stress test an application or device prior to official public release.  This process might be a rapid and intense test period with multiple revisions.  Or it may stretch out over many weeks or even months. 

Public vs Private Beta Test
A public beta test is just that.  Open to the public.  Most often developers will post a notice on their website detailing the specifics of the test as well ass feedback required from the tester. 

A private or closed beta test is very different from a public beta.  The testers used in a private beta test are exclusively hand selected by the developer.  Why?  The reason for hand selecting testers is fairly simple.  Personal selection.  The developer may have a close core group that has learned how and what type of feedback the developer is looking for.  At times, a developer will recruit new testers based on reputation to assist the core testing group.

Requirements of a Beta Tester
Time- Are you willing and able to sacrifice some time for testing?
Dedication – Are you willing to see it through to the end aka public release?
Feedback- Will you be able to provide the developer accurate and detailed information reguarding bugs or issues?
Confidentiality- Are you willing to keep all information as well as images to yourself?

If you are unable to meet the requirements it might be best for you to wait for public release.


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