What is beta testing?
Beta testing is the process used by developers to stress test an application or device prior to official public release.  This process might be a rapid and intense test period with multiple revisions.  Or it may stretch out over many weeks or even months. 

Public vs Private Beta Test
A public beta test is just that.  Open to the public.  Most often developers will post a notice on their website detailing the specifics of the test as well ass feedback required from the tester. 

A private or closed beta test is very different from a public beta.  The testers used in a private beta test are exclusively hand selected by the developer.  Why?  The reason for hand selecting testers is fairly simple.  Personal selection.  The developer may have a close core group that has learned how and what type of feedback the developer is looking for.  At times, a developer will recruit new testers based on reputation to assist the core testing group.

Requirements of a Beta Tester
Time- Are you willing and able to sacrifice some time for testing?
Dedication – Are you willing to see it through to the end aka public release?
Feedback- Will you be able to provide the developer accurate and detailed information reguarding bugs or issues?
Confidentiality- Are you willing to keep all information as well as images to yourself?

If you are unable to meet the requirements it might be best for you to wait for public release.


The often asked question “how do you take screen shots?” The answer is simple, with a screen shot app. Ok… But, which one is best?

There are many applications that will get the job done. Some are free while others are not. I have tried all of the free screen shot applications I can find. The one that I always go back to is “CaptureIt” by TechMogul Industries. I have found it to be light weight and flawless in function. There really is not much need for explanation on how this application functions. Simply download the app and install it. Click on the icon to activate or take a screen shot. Personally, I have my left convenience key set to activate CaptureIt. This allows screen shots of any screen I may want. There is also an option in the BlackBerry menu to activate CaptureIt.

Download CaptureIt for 9800 only OTA

Download OTA
Or Scan the Code with your BlackBerry

*Select Options, Advanced Options, and Applications.
*Scroll down to CaptureIT.
*Press the left BlackBerry button for a popup menu.
*Select Edit Permissions.
*Change all permissions to Allow.

The new BlackBerry Torch operating system that leaked today showed some updates to your favorite IM applications. These are for os6 only. As with any leaked application, user beware. Please do a proper device backup before installation.

Download Google Talk v2.5.81 OTA

Download Aim v2.5.78 OTA

Download Yahoo v2.5.81 OTA

Download Windows Live Messenger v2.5.81 OTA


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This morning I received word that WordPress for BlackBerry had updated to v1.5. So naturally I went off to update. One of the things I noticed was that there seemed to be a lack of a change log. Well I found it.

Version 1.5 Now Available
Posted on 3 May 11 by Danilo Ercoli on BlackBerry WordPress Blog

We’re pleased to introduce WordPress for BlackBerry version 1.5, which adds new features like a home screen icon showing you how many comments are in moderation, custom image sizes, and discussion settings!

Depending on your region or country, you might not see the latest version in the BlackBerry App World just yet, but the update should be available on your device starting now.

Here’s what’s new:
*Added support forBlavatars (“Blog Avatars”).
*Added preview for drafts, scheduled and private posts.
*Introduced the home screen icon for comment notifications.
*Added a visual indicator that shows the post status in the post list screen.
*Added support for Discussion settings (enable/disable comments, pingbacks and Trackbacks).
*Categories are now alphabetically sorted.
*Added the possibility to specify a resize dimension on each image.
*Changed the image resize feature, by adding predefined dimensions loaded from the Blog Media Settings.
*Fixed issues on the Permissions settings screen, it now appears once at first startup.
*Small UI redesign.

Choose the proper OS version and Download OTA Here

Yesterday I received a message via BlackBerry Messenger that BetaZone had finally posted its BBM6 Beta Program. I don’t even think I replied to that message before heading straight to BetaZone. Sure enough, there it was. A quick program sign up and I was in the program. I rapidly progressed through the download step screens to find the OTA download link. After two attempts to download I had what I was after.

The first and most noteworthy thing I noticed was drastically increased speeds. The speed at which group chats loaded on any BBM5 left much to be desired. Not anymore! BBM6 has tweaked the speeds on the whole application. Group chats now load as fast as a regular BBM message. For myself, this was a major relief as I tend to group chat often.

As for what else has been changed have a look below at the list provided in BetaZone.

What’s new in BlackBerry Messenger 6.0?
You may not notice very many visible changes between BBM 5.0 and BBM 6.0 at this time, but stay tuned! For now, here are a few new things you might notice in this version:
– Updated BBM branding
– More “snappy” and responsive feel
– Visual distinction of message drafts vs. sent messages
– Any alerts set for SMS contacts are now preserved in BBM once an SMS contact is integrated with BBM
– Invite a Text Messaging Contact — it’s now easier to search contacts
– Location Search — you can now search for a location before sending, similar to the Location Search experience via SMS
– Location Sending — you can now detect your location with cell tower triangulation or GPS
– Appointment Sending — sending appointment or calendar events is now a similar experience to that of sending an appointment via SMS


Yesterday I received a nice piece of information from an unnamed source that indicated I should go and have a look at BetaZone. When asked why, he said “trust me just go look” so I did. I logged in and found that there was a fresh update for the Facebook application. After I went through the usual multiple screens I hit the download link and inserted the required keycode.

This Beta 2.0 version is exactly what Facebook for BlackBerry should be. If you like to Facebook Chat you will be very pleased with this version.

If you’re interested in the latest from RIM sign up and become a BetaZone member today.

Check out the details on this version below.

Facebook Beta v2.0 UI 

Facebook Beta v2.0 UI

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 2.0 beta!   Facebook 2.0 is the most extensive update to the Facebook for BlackBerry application to date, and  is jam-packed with UI updates and new features – including Facebook Chat!   If you are an OS 6.0 user, join the Facebook 2.0 beta program and download this version today!

New features in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 2.0 include:

Facebook Chat – Check to see which of your Facebook Friends are online and start a Chat conversation from within the Facebook application or the BlackBerry Message list.
Improved News Feed – Post photos to your Wall, add an update, or check in to a Facebook Place from the News Feed. Improved News Feed interactions let you scroll through your News Feed without accidentally clicking ‘Like’, simply click the ‘More’ button (+) to interact with your friends’ posts.
New Navigation Control – Introducing a whole new way to navigate the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones application, we’ve moved from a static navigation bar to a drop-down navigation control that is scalable to support new features in the future.

Source: BetaZone

Everyone fears losing or having their BlackBerry stolen. For most, this fear is more about the data/info contained on our device than the actual device.

There are a couple of solutions to this. The easiest solution is to never take the device anywhere other than the kitchen counter. Effective, but not very practical.

Today Research In Motion moved their BlackBerry Protect Application from BetaZone to the Test Center in AppWorld making it now a public beta. This move is a win for any BlackBerry user concerned about security.

Thanks to the work of @Andres516 we are now able to download from a straight OTA link without using AppWorld.

Download OTA: BlackBerry Protect for OS6
Download OTA: BlackBerry Protect for OS5

Update: RIM Legal has notified us to remove the OTAs from the site. You can download from RIM at

The following is from

Your key to security
BlackBerry® Protect is a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure. It can also offer peace of mind for small businesses and families.

Back it up
Your contacts, text messages, calendar and bookmarks can be backed up wirelessly and automatically. Should your smartphone go missing, it’s easy to restore the data from your last backup.

Protect your information
Lost your smartphone? Simply log in to the BlackBerry Protect website and lock your device. You can also delete the information on your smartphone and microSD card.

Find your smartphone
Don’t give up on your lost smartphone, log in to the BlackBerry Protect website first. Lock and display a message on your smartphone Home screen. Then locate it on a map, or if you think it’s nearby, force it to ring at full volume.

Switch smartphones
Just bought a new BlackBerry smartphone? BlackBerry Protect makes it easy restore the settings, contacts and calendar items you had backed up on your last one. Just download BlackBerry Protect to your new smartphone and log in.

Protect multiple smartphones
If you have multiple smartphones in your company, or even your family, you can use BlackBerry Protect to keep everyone’s information secure and to find lost smartphones.

Well we all knew there were a few issues with the last version of FaceBook for BlackBerry. It was a nice surprise this morning to find that there has been an update. I have not had time yet to shake down this version. But I will soon. Devan has done us all a favor and freed this version from Appworld and given us a straight OTA download for our downloading pleasure. The story below came straight from BlackBerry. Links to the “official” story are provided for your reference.

OTA Download: FaceBook v1.9.0.28 OTA

Source: Straight From BlackBerry
And here’s the rest of the story. Again Straight from BlackBerry

Update: I noticed on the TapaTalk site that we should be seeing an update in the not to distant future. I can’t wait.

Ok so I must admit to being sort of a “forum junkie.” However, these newer operating systems that have been pushed out by RIM make the forum experience less than pleasant. I’ve found the native browser to have issues working sites that use vBulletin. I’m not saying it can’t be done. Rather its a pain having popups in the way covering the page content all the time.

Well, there’s a solution that seems to fix this quite nicely. TapaTalk for BlackBerry Beta 10. If you love your BlackBerry and enjoy online forums trust me this downloads for you.

TapaTalk OTA