Side Dump Trucking

This week I had the opportunity to jump in the side dump for a while.  The tractor trailer is something I’m extremely familiar with.  However, running a trailer that tips sideways is a new thing for me.  After spending a few minuets getting used to the controls for the trailer I went to load.  I managed to make a total mess of things when I went to unload this first load.  I’m accustomed to keeping the trailer in line with the tractor.  However, when you are dumping something hard like concrete chunks you must jack knife the rig prior to tipping the bin.  With the unit twisted you can easily back up away from the pile thereby voiding and damage to the tires. Being as I wasn’t hearing what I was told that the boss I missed the part about Jack knifing it.  I ended up with concrete all under the trailer around the wheels.  It took about ten minutes to clean up the mess by hand.  Thankfully, the pieces where of a manageable size.  My subsequent loads were unloaded uneventfully.  I look forward to running this rig again.  – QBall45 

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