Stuff Happens

Sometimes things just happen.  The first load of 3″ rock was delivered and spread to perfection.  In fact subsequent loads were dumped in a pile as the dozer operator really wanted something to do.  

Sometimes you completely rely on the guy on the ground giving hand signal directions.  Most often this works out very well.  Other times… Not so much.  I’m not certain if he was distracted or simply slow to give me the stop signal.  

Either way I ended up backed up off the rock and in the muck.  It was as if the bottom dropped out from under the wheels.  Axle deep and unable to move on my own.  I guess that the dozer operator found a little something to do.  It didn’t take much effort to free the truck from the grip of yucky muck it was stuck in.  All in all it turned out to be a good day.  – – QBall45 

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