First Real Impressions Of Android

I figure its about time I put some initial thoughts together on my impressions on Android. Specifically the HTC Incredible 2.

Having been an avid BlackBerry for some time, I made the decision to approach my Android experience with an open mind. A fresh start with a new operating system platform and a totally new device form factor.

My initial thoughts on the touch screen keyboard were less than pleasant. I had been dead set that I “had to have” my physical QWERTY keyboard done in traditional RIM style. Knowing that I did not care for the slide out keyboards, I opted for the touch screen only design. I know this would take some adjustment getting used to it.

Device setup and activation went fairly smoothly with help from a VZW rep on the phone. After setting up emails and contacts were synched I moved on to installing apps. Naturally, I started with Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and foursquare. The latter three were simple enough, download the Android version. Twitter on the other hand was a challenge with the plethora of options available for Android.

I decided to install Issimo because I’ve been a huge fan of the way it handles mentions on BlackBerry. What I can say about this app is its not the same as the BlackBerry version. Its better.

My little bro suggested I try Plume which I did. Overall I like it.

Twitter for Android and HTC’s Peep are OK. Though certainly there are better choices.

I am not sure what the fuss is about TeetDeck. I don’t think even the best skin could make it appealing to me. Though some may like it, I don’t.

It is my opinion that all native browsers have room for much improvement. My search for the perfect browser was rather short. Having heard great things about Dolphin Browser HD I had to give it a look. Impressive is how I would describe it. A keeper for sure.

Being a big fan of the Firefox browser on my PC I naturally checked out the Android version. I couldn’t figure out how to zoom in on the screen. I may have missed something in settings. No zoom = its of no use to me.

Opera Mini was far too slow for me on opening. In fact I didn’t even get past the “loading” screen.
Opera Mobile, on the other hand, is a snappy performer. I haven’t spent much time with it yet. I think it stays for now.

It looks to me that the Better Keyboard may be one of the more popular keyboards with all its vast assortment of skins. There a skin for everyone.

While I was in the middle of perusing the plethora of keywords in the Market I got a message from @Adam80460 asking if u wanted to test a new Keyboard he had been working on. Naturally I agreed. I am impressed and can’t wait to see it in the Market.


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