A Decission Made

I made a decision on Saturday, June 12th to move from BlackBerry to the Android platform. I have tried hard to stay dedicated to the RIMs BlackBerry. However, since the Android platform really started to explode it seems that RIM has allowed their BlackBerry product line to stall out. Yes, the Torch was a nice addition to the product line. Unfortunately, RIM decided to only produce a GSM version. This leaves most of us out in the cold. My decision has been solidified with the release of RIMs 1st quarter financial report. Very dismal is the best way I can describe the report. Now it appears that RIM has begun handing out layoff notices to an unspecified number of employees.

My decision to make the switch to Android greatly surprised many people as I have been an avid BlackBerry user. I think this news most surprised my Wife. She has tried, since we first started using smartphones, to convert me over to Droid. I am so looking forward to all the “see? I told ya so” that I am sure will come.

Now what’s left is to get the deal done.

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