Because It Fits Doesn’t Make It Cool

Just because you can stuff a 7″ BlackBerry PlayBook in the front pocket of your 32×34 blue jeans doesn’t mean it’s cool.  This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all day.  Seriously… I bet the chicks dig this.  Sorry android guys… It’s not cool to stuff your 7″ tab in your pocket either. Dude! […]

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

I was cruising the boards this morning as is my normal morning ritual.  I came across a thread on XDA that caught my eye.  *Click*  A good thread title grabs my attention in the same way a good headline in a newspaper does… Oh wait… I don’t actually read the paper copy of the Paper […]

Mine Is Better Than Yours

It’s always the same story when a group of people engage in conversation.  Inevitably the conversation turns into “my ‘X’ is better than your ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ and here’s the reason why…” This conversation is as old as time. I can only imagine prehistoric caveman sitting around the front of the cave discussing who has […]