I Looked and I Read

I looked and I read
I found them splendid
Not one vicious word
To make me offended

The grammar was child-like
The rhymes were quite plain
I did not see
The reason to complain

The pictures are whimsical
The characters unique
A book for the young
I did not see the crime they speak

A cat in a hat
An elephant of blue
One fish, two fish
And even a Who

The Grinch that stole Christmas
With its fictional villains
did not speak out
When it made Hollywood millions

60 books to his name, For 84 years
& just now have sent whiners, crying in tears

With NO life to enjoy
They must find someone to blame
Someone to hate,
Someone to shame

Your goal is to hate
I do NOT condone,
go to hell Snowflakes
Leave Dr. Seuss alone.

Borrowed from my Facebook news feed

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