New Site Subscribers – Site Notice – Update

If you should choose to register as a subscriber to this site please feel free to register. I have made a slight change to that registration process tonight. No longer is it a free for all. I have made the decision to require that all new subscribers be verified and authorized by me, QBall45 site owner/admin. This is a small attempt on my part to cut down on the spam subscribers I’ve been getting the past several months.

I realize that I’ve been neglecting my duties as a blogger as of late. I wish I had a fantastic story to tell that may explain it. However, I don’t. The truth is that I’ve been enjoying some time consuming firearms related content on YouTube and listening to a handful of podcasts. I have also slowed down my crack flashing addiction of flashing roms on my Galaxy S3 in favor of simply enjoying my device.

As summer is nearing its end and school starting shortly for the kids I’m thinking that I’ll find more time to jump on here as begin actual writing again. (Hopefully) There’s been far to much going on in the World the past few months that I really should write/rant about and haven’t found the time to just yet. Family, God, Country, politics, firearms, smartphones & applications, camping… all things that have been keeping my mind racing. And yet I haven’t been letting my fingers tap on the keys to write things down for others to read.


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