I’ve previously written on the subject of mobile application developers.  Most of the time it’s in a positive light.  Once in a while I trip over something that just needs to have a spotlight shown on it.  As is the case today.  Below you will find a screen shot of an email reply from a developer to a paying customer.


This is simply inexcusable behavior by a professional developer.  Period.  I can not begin to imagine what he was thinking. Obviously he wasn’t.

In the case of developers that display poor judgment or fail miserably at providing quality customer service after accepting payment I have no option but to bring it forth to the public. 

Just because you can stuff a 7″ BlackBerry PlayBook in the front pocket of your 32×34 blue jeans doesn’t mean it’s cool. 


This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all day.  Seriously… I bet the chicks dig this. 

Sorry android guys… It’s not cool to stuff your 7″ tab in your pocket either.

Dude! There’s no way you can jamb an iPad in your pocket… Not even your coat pocket.

I was cruising the boards this morning as is my normal morning ritual.  I came across a thread on XDA that caught my eye.  *Click*  A good thread title grabs my attention in the same way a good headline in a newspaper does… Oh wait… I don’t actually read the paper copy of the Paper anymore but you know what I mean. 

You have got to be kidding me!
As I read the original post in this thread I find myself laughing. “Why?” I find humor and in the nonchalant manner that is displayed by the OP. It almost reads as if he intentionally dropped his device on the tile flooring of his kitchen. I see no “I accidentally bumped my phone off the counter” which leads one to conclude that this was intentional. Can someone please explain the thought process behind the “I have a plastic case on my device so it’s fine if I drop it on my tile flooring because it is now indestructible inside this plastic case” mentality. Seriously! I can’t imagine intentionally dropping a mobile device for any reason even if it is fitted with a “high quality” plastic case.

I am overlooking the fact that this guy appears to be whining about how long it took him to accomplish the recently released S-off exploit for the HTC Rezound. I’ll ignore it even though this looks like the real reason for his thread and not busted screen.

By the way, good luck with your efforts to get a free replacement from Big Red. Physical damage by any cause will result in less than desirable results. I sure hope he had insurance on this device because warranty will not cover this.

Oops! I just “broke” my screen… Oh no!
Hmm… This looks suspiciously like the same “broken” screen the guy from XDA had. I wonder how that’s possible?

Wow! Look what I found…

The “fix” is to hit the menu key.

Edit #2
For your reading enjoyment check out the thread on XDA

It’s always the same story when a group of people engage in conversation.  Inevitably the conversation turns into “my ‘X’ is better than your ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ and here’s the reason why…” This conversation is as old as time. I can only imagine prehistoric caveman sitting around the front of the cave discussing who has the best pointy stick. Just how that conversation went I’ll never know, though it’s fun to imagine.

How often have you overheard or participated in such a conversation? I can say that with the guys I hang out with online this happens all the time. Generally the focus of discussion concerns mobile technology. Specifically the tired old song of BlackBerry vs Android vs iPhone. This conversation can be heard across the World. The funny thing is that all three devices have different strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, these three objects of discussion have more in common than one is lead to believe. The BlackBerry is a phone as are the iPhone and the Android. All three can make phone calls (no kidding, they’re cell phones), send and receive text messages as well as email, browse the interwebs, take pictures, play an assortment of games as well as music. I could go on and on with this list of things these three smartphones can all do. However, the list of things that one does better than the others is short. All three have a single strength that puts it about the others in that specific area. This is totally subjective opinion. (Oh wow! QBall45 really is going to go and open that can of worms!)

Since its beginning, the BlackBerry has been the industry leader in handling email traffic. All smartphones can send and receive email, that’s a given. However, neither iPhone nor Android are currently able to offer the total security that RIM’s BlackBerry offers.

There’s no denying the fact that Apples iPhone does music better than the rest. My personal view of the iPhone is that it’s a music player with the a smartphone added to it.

Android, made by almost every cell phone manufacturer on the planet, is undeniably the industry leader in dropping new device designs on the market. With the multitude of manufacturers independently working on their own designs the consumer constantly had fresh devices to choose from. (Is this really biggest strength? Yes and no.) Android is the perfect balance between simplicity of use and high performance horsepower.

The “mine is better than yours” song is an integral part of the fabric of society. As humans we are able to make choices. Those choices include which brand products we spend our hard earned money on. At the end of the day, while we sit in front of the cave around the fire, remember one thing. We make independent purchase decisions based on personal reasons that need no explanation to others. (Well alright, that’s fine and true if you’re a single adult. Us married folk and kids have to answer to someone other than ourselves.) Enjoy these discussions on which phone, car, pickup, firearm, computer, tablet, clothing line… is best.