As I See It

Back in July of 2013 I took the kids to watch the mini rod tractor pull.  Naturally I decided to take a few pictures. 

Well… Pictures turned into videos.  I’m not one for keeping cool videos to myself so it was uploaded to my YouTube channel.  For some reason I was looking at view counts on the channel this evening and was more than a bit surprised by what I saw.  This little video which was long ago forgotten has managed to get over 6 thousand views!  Surprised?  No. Completely shocked is more like it.  Thanks for watching,  QBall45 

On the 9th of December 2015 I took this picture with the caption “It’s a great day to be alive” I gotta say that I still like the picture and the caption I gave it. Why is it a great day to be alive? Really? Heck, the way I see it every day that I wake up on the green side of the grass it’s a great day. The alternative isn’t very appealing. Smile and enjoy your day. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the nasty things going on in the world and politics has you in a funk take a break from everything. Find something beautiful and enjoy it for just a few minutes. Enjoy life today because the harsh reality of life is just around the corner.

I absolutely love using the WordPress Mobile application on my android devices. Unfortunately, this mobile application has made me lazy. I seldom jump on my laptop to update the under the hood stuff like I should. I managed to force myself to do just that last night. After updating several plugin’s, I cleaned up the menu to make it cleaner looking and drafted four (including this one) new posts to be published today.

Did I mention that yesterday was another 730 mile day on the road? This week I will end up hitting 3,700+ miles. Which makes three consecutive weeks with outstanding paychecks.

Drivers of normal 4 wheeled automobiles seriously need to learn how to pay attention when they find themselves around semi trucks. It’s been one of those weeks out here on the road. I am hoping for a stress free ride back to the shop today. We’ll see how it goes.


I waited patiently for the Windows Update application to tell me that my Windows 10 update was ready for installation. I finally got tired of waiting. I wanted to upgrade from Windows 7. So, I I tried to force my laptop to update without success. A quick Google search for How to install Windows 10 lead me to the official Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool. I know that the instructions on the website indicate that you should have either a blank dvd or usb drive handy for this update. However, I found it wasn’t necessary. Simply download the Media Creation Tool and run it.
image It was a good feeling to see this.

I haven’t spent more than about two minutes with Windows 10 yet but I look forward to seeing what’s new.

I received a comment a few days ago in regards to the subject of the title of this post. You can check out the comment HERE. At first I thought i would simply blow it off as just another spam comment. This morning I changed my mind. I’d decided to write this post for one simple reason, I appreciate the time it took to page through several years worth of posts in order to find one worthy of commenting on. So, here’s my response.

A quick Google search will provide you with a plethora of outstanding information on any subject you wish to understand better, including how to become a better blogger. Not really what you wanted from me? Hmm… Maybe I can come up with some real tips that will help you out. But first I would like to offer you some Internet safety advice. Please check out the following cartoon. (Image courtesy of my Google+ feed)


After taking a moment to study this safety tip did we learn anything useful? I certainly hope so. Now, I think it is time to get on with the show.

Tips On Becoming A Better Blogger
I think that we first need to understand exactly what a blog is. How do we do that? We use our trusty search engine.
Now that we have an understanding of what a blog is let’s move on to some stuff that’s actually useful. Shall we?

Writing Style & Readability
I find that both writing style and readability are vitality important for the success of a blog. When I read something poorly written my focus shifts from the subject to the spelling or grammatical error. Why? The reason is simple. Errors, either spelling or grammatical, jump off the page as if in psychedelic 3D. The solution? Use spell check as well as grammar check followed by proof reading.

The style with which you write tends to change (at least it should) based on the subject matter of each individual post you write. The successful blogger how to use different writing styles and uses them appropriately. I will let you use your search engine for further information on different styles of writing. (I’m lazy and you’re fully capable.)

My best advice is to write about whatever is of interest to you at the time. Odds are you will find doing so both enjoyable and fulfilling, these are really the best reasons for writing. Try not getting caught up in the “I’ve got to blog about the latest ‘xyz’ every day” mentality. Doing so will become time consuming and frustrating, enough so that you’ll stop writing. Interesting simplicity is best.

Measuring Success
How do you measure your success as a blogger? The easiest way to do so is with statistics. One can easily success by checking the stats for your blog. Page views are hard facts. Personally, I measure the success of what I write here more on the number of countries I reach than simply the number of pages viewed. I find it extremely interesting to see that I reach people in far away places.

If you have found this useful or entertaining please leave me a comment below.


I’ve just about had enough of Hollywood’s shenanigans.  I’m not going to let em dictate to me or my family what’s morally acceptable any what’s not.  The thing is I’m one to let my Christian faith be my guide in areas such as mortality.  It would be nice if Hollywood would consider following suit.  Unfortunately, I doubt that’ll ever happen. 

A nice wallpaper? Of course it is that and much more to me. This simple piece of art reminds me that no matter how overwhelmed I feel by darkness there’s always a ray of light. This ray of light is inside me and you and all who believe. Believe? In what? No, whom not what. Believe in Christ Jesus for it is by His Light alone I navigate the darkness and evil of the world.