Tonight the doors of have swung closed for the final time.  The end of an era.  This has not been unexpected.  In fact, the closing of unfortunately has been eminent for some time. 

The simple reason any site including shuts down is the lack of time available to dedicate to adding fresh content.  The reality of life is that we all have real jobs that pay the bills at home.  The small amount of time left in the day after work is usually filled family activities.  While each staff member at would love to sit and write breaking tech news stories, code hybrids and develop roms we simply can not pay the mortgage that way.  Sometimes real life is just that simple. 

I want to say thank you to everyone that has contributed to the site and given so freely of their time.  Your efforts are appreciated.  To all the staff, MyBBOTA and I wish to say thank you for all that you have done all while putting up with my stubborn opinionated self.

This is an ongoing project that will be added to as time permits.  And as such you may find that at times it looks unfinished… Because it is.

Initial Setup
On initial setup (new device or after flashing a new ROM) skip through the setup screen until you see this…


Enter your primary Gmail account.  Be sure to use the one that you want everything tied to such as your contacts list as well as any applications you may purchase from Google Play aka the Market.

What about adding other email accounts?  You can always use the native android Mail client.  However, it really sucks.  Third party applications rule here.  K9 Mail is efficient & customizable.   Find it free in the Play Store. 

Haptic Feedback
How do I shut off this crazy vibration every time I touch the screen? This is simple. Use the following to navigate to the proper place and uncheck one box.
Menu/System Settings/Sound/
Now scroll down until you find “Vibration Feedback” near the bottom. Simply uncheck the box.

How to add/remove Home Screen icons
The ability to add, remove or rearrange Home Screen elements is simply one of the best features of android.

Long press on any Home Screen icon or widget to move its position or to drop it in the “Trash Can” to remove it from the screen.

You want to add an icon from the application drawer? Simply open the app drawer, long press and hold on the chosen application and then release it on the Home Screen. Now move it to the desired spot.

Adding new widgets is a matter of long pressing on an open space on the Home Screen on which you wish to see the widget. Long press pops up a menu which gives you several options. Choose widget, this allows you to scroll through the available selections.

How do I change the wallpaper?
There are two painfree methods for setting wallpaper. Both achieve the same results.

Long press on the Home Screen and choose “Wallpaper” from the menu. Then choose Gallery, navigate to the proper folder and make your selection, click on the image, click “More”, then “Set As.”

Exiting an Application
When exiting an application there are two easy ways to accomplish this, each giving different results. Simply hitting the “Home” key will immediately bring you from whatever screen you happen to be on straight to the Home Screen. This is ok most of the time. However, this method leaves the application you were previously using in an open/active state. I will often times do this so that I can get right back to what I had been doing at a later time. By far the best method of exiting an application once finished using it is to hit the “Back Arrow” until you arrive back on the Home Screen.

QBall45’s recommended applications
ES File Explorer – you will likely want/need a file explorer. This one is efficient and free.

K9 Mail – simply one of the better 3rd party mail handling clients. It is also free.

BeWeather – this is a fantastic weather application. I highly recommend it. Both free and paid.

Plume – a personal favorite Twitter client.
SwiftKey 3 – this is one of the very best 3rd party keyboards. Very much worth its price. The predicted text is fabulous. Free trial and paid.

I’ve previously written on the subject of mobile application developers.  Most of the time it’s in a positive light.  Once in a while I trip over something that just needs to have a spotlight shown on it.  As is the case today.  Below you will find a screen shot of an email reply from a developer to a paying customer.


This is simply inexcusable behavior by a professional developer.  Period.  I can not begin to imagine what he was thinking. Obviously he wasn’t.

In the case of developers that display poor judgment or fail miserably at providing quality customer service after accepting payment I have no option but to bring it forth to the public. 

Just because you can stuff a 7″ BlackBerry PlayBook in the front pocket of your 32×34 blue jeans doesn’t mean it’s cool. 


This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all day.  Seriously… I bet the chicks dig this. 

Sorry android guys… It’s not cool to stuff your 7″ tab in your pocket either.

Dude! There’s no way you can jamb an iPad in your pocket… Not even your coat pocket.

I was cruising the boards this morning as is my normal morning ritual.  I came across a thread on XDA that caught my eye.  *Click*  A good thread title grabs my attention in the same way a good headline in a newspaper does… Oh wait… I don’t actually read the paper copy of the Paper anymore but you know what I mean. 

You have got to be kidding me!
As I read the original post in this thread I find myself laughing. “Why?” I find humor and in the nonchalant manner that is displayed by the OP. It almost reads as if he intentionally dropped his device on the tile flooring of his kitchen. I see no “I accidentally bumped my phone off the counter” which leads one to conclude that this was intentional. Can someone please explain the thought process behind the “I have a plastic case on my device so it’s fine if I drop it on my tile flooring because it is now indestructible inside this plastic case” mentality. Seriously! I can’t imagine intentionally dropping a mobile device for any reason even if it is fitted with a “high quality” plastic case.

I am overlooking the fact that this guy appears to be whining about how long it took him to accomplish the recently released S-off exploit for the HTC Rezound. I’ll ignore it even though this looks like the real reason for his thread and not busted screen.

By the way, good luck with your efforts to get a free replacement from Big Red. Physical damage by any cause will result in less than desirable results. I sure hope he had insurance on this device because warranty will not cover this.

Oops! I just “broke” my screen… Oh no!
Hmm… This looks suspiciously like the same “broken” screen the guy from XDA had. I wonder how that’s possible?

Wow! Look what I found…

The “fix” is to hit the menu key.

Edit #2
For your reading enjoyment check out the thread on XDA