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Images From The Road Today 

RainX is awesome. Enough said. Some fantastic cloud pictures. Bridge demolition is always fun to see progress as weeks go by. Let’s sum up the day as wet in the morning, nice while I had lunch with the family, wet as in torrential downpour late afternoon early evening and not to shabby this evening at

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Two Week Old RainX 

Two weeks ago I applied RainX to the windshield according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle.  After having driven through heavy rain several times last week and a truck wash on Saturday this mornings rain still beads up very nicely.  I use RainX to improve visibility thereby improving my safe operation on the road.

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The Road Salt Conundrum

I recognize that the use of chemicals on the highways of America in an effort to keep us safe is a necessity.  Unfortunately, I find that I’m annoyed by how bad it makes my vehicles appear.  When I left the shop on Sunday afternoon my rig was clean having just been washed on Saturday.  Today

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