As the sun sets bringing an end to the day, so too does it bring the end of my career as a full time regional over the road trucker.  Yes, I quit my job of twelve and a half years.  After thirteen years and eight months of leaving the house on Sunday and returning sometime Friday afternoon I’ve decided it was time for a lifestyle change.  It is long since time that I’m at home and in bed next to my wife at night.  So what am I going to do now?  I’ve accepted at position with a local paving and excavating company as a dump truck driver.  I know that this is a dramatic change.  However, I think it’s exactly the change that my family has been needing for some time now.  Both Mrs and I are excited and nervous about the new job.  We have that flood of unending questions running through our heads… Will I like this type of work, will it be the money we need, how will it be with me in the house every day, how does the unemployment thing work during the winter, as well as a bunch of other things.  

Today was my last day.  The new job starts Monday morning.  I think I’m ready.  I guess we’ll find out if I’m ready or not.  I’m looking forward to sharing pictures of construction equipment and interesting things from a new line of work.  

The view from my former office on my last night in the rig.  This was a fitting final load as it was also my first load of oil delivered on my own.  

RainX is awesome. Enough said.

Some fantastic cloud pictures.

Bridge demolition is always fun to see progress as weeks go by.

Let’s sum up the day as wet in the morning, nice while I had lunch with the family, wet as in torrential downpour late afternoon early evening and not to shabby this evening at my destination.   – QBall45 

Two weeks ago I applied RainX to the windshield according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle.  After having driven through heavy rain several times last week and a truck wash on Saturday this mornings rain still beads up very nicely.  I use RainX to improve visibility thereby improving my safe operation on the road.   


I recognize that the use of chemicals on the highways of America in an effort to keep us safe is a necessity.  Unfortunately, I find that I’m annoyed by how bad it makes my vehicles appear.  When I left the shop on Sunday afternoon my rig was clean having just been washed on Saturday.  Today is Tuesday.  Look at it!  It’s a filthy pig!!  You don’t even dare bump into it for fear of being covered in nasty white road chemical residue. 

Oh well, at least the wash boys will earn their paychecks this week.