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Mini Rod Tractor Pull

Back in July of 2013 I took the kids to watch the mini rod tractor pull.  Naturally I decided to take a few pictures.  Well… Pictures turned into videos.  I’m not one for keeping cool videos to myself so it was uploaded to my YouTube channel.  For some reason I was looking at view counts

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The Craigslist Scammer

My story goes like this… Over the course of the past month my kids have upgraded their ipods and I picked up a newer used Nexus tablet.  So, I found myself with a pile of used electronic gadgets that needed to be turned into cash. Naturally, I turned to Craigslist and the Facebook for sale

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Stupid Parking Job

I wished I had gotten out of the school a bit earlier after my youngest daughters Christmas Concert.  I wonder just how close was the vehicle parked behind this white car.  I guess people don’t bother thinking about “what if I need to leave early?”