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The Facade

The Facade, the hard stone exterior of a building… Impervious to the elements. Hard. Cold. Not very snugly. The facade is something I’ve learned to use myself. As the son of a military veteran and cop as well as being a veteran myself, the facade comes easily. The only way to deal with life is

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We’ve all heard countless times before how laughter is the best medicine. I disagree. I believe laughter takes second fiddle to crying. I’m not talking about the little cry when you stub your toe on the dresser. I’m talking about the crying that comes from deep down in the center of ones Soul. The kind

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Listen To Thy Wife

I’ve come to find through talking with “the older” generation that there are a few things that help make a man successful in life. Some of these things are harder than others. The best piece of advice I’ve found from “the older” generation should be simple enough. However, for most of us men its not

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