For some odd reason I have found a complete lack of time for blogging since the start of production season at work.  My day starts before sunrise and supper is typically after 8 PM.  5:25 AM alarm clock, work all day, supper, a bit of TV with the family, a shower and bed.  Repeat day after day. There seems to be little time for anything not required to have my body ready for work tomorrow.

The forecast had been calling for rain for today. Finally we see nice day long soaking rain free of severe weather. This wet weather makes it difficult for construction work. However, taking most of the day off seems easier on everyone rather than trying to stay busy without any bigger jobs open for the day.

With my dump truck still in the shop for brake repairs I did a few odd jobs for the boss today.  A trip to Menards for two pallets of cement mortar mix for the shops warehouse inventory was my first job.  As I pulled the truck into the warehouse the boss showed up asking if I’d mind going back for a pallet of paver bricks and cement block.  The block had to be ordered which means a future trip to Menards.  I greased my dump truck and went home for the day.

— QBall45

I received a call this week while I was on the truckin. The kids had turned the oven on to make a frozen pizza for dinner and the oven was acting strangely. For some reason the heating element appeared dead cold on one side and excessively bright on the other. I thought this was rather odd as it’s a one piece element. So, I had the kids turn it off and make alternative plans for their dinner.

After acquiring a replacement heating element I got busy with the task of fixin the oven. This job was extremely simple. I think it took less than 10 minutes total including getting the correct tools.


imageIt’s rather obvious why the oven wasn’t working properly.

The site is under a complete reconstruction. Hopefully this won’t take long. I’ve made a bunch of progress today and look forward to adding some finishing touches in the days to come. I am not completely satisfied with the mobile version in its current condition. Hopefully I will be able to get it setup to my liking.

— QBall45