WordPress Mobile App for BlackBerry Tutorial -120 Pictures

This is part 3 in my WordPress Mobile App for BlackBerry series. This is where the fun begins.

Start by going to the menu and select Media.

Then click “Add photo”

And click “Add Photo From library”

Then follow through the menu’s until you find the exact picture you want to add. This is where sticking the pics you know you are going to add in a separate folder. (Especially helpful if you plan to add more than one pic.)

You’ve found the picture you wish to add. What next? Hit the BB button and click “Select”

Now your screen should look like this with a thumbnail preview of your picture.

Now go back to the menu and click “All on Bottom” or “All on Top this will align all of your selected pictures either top or bottom. This is important when adding several pictures or when adding to or editing a post such as this tutorial.

Its usually at this point after adding my picture that I select “Send” from the menu. This will take a minute or so to upload the files. Once your post has been uploaded or “sent” check your post on your blog page to see that things are looking proper.

Ok, so you’ve found an error or you simply wish to add text between your pictures. Go back into the WordPress Mobile App and open the post you wish to edit.

Much the same as links, pictures will also show as code with a start & end tag. (See the next picture for an example of these start/end picture tags) To add text between your pictures simply locate the start/end tags and hit “Return” or the “Enter” key.

If you should need to move a picture up or down because its “out of order” simply go to the menu and click “Select” and then cut & paste it where you want it. When your finished simply click “Send” in the menu.

From here I think you should have a fair grasp on blogging with WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry.

So, I think this about wraps up the Tutorial for the WordPress Mobile App for BlackBerry.

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