WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry Tutorial 110 “Links”

You’ve mastered Blogging with WordPress for BlackBerry 101. Basic writing. This 110 tutorial will cover how to add Links or web addresses into your post.

The simplest is to just type it out. Such as: http://thesaucereport.com/ This shows the full address and allows for copy & paste to browser. Also it allows you to click on it and off you go to in this example The Sauce Report. However, I prefer to hide the actual web address and show http://thesaucereport.com/ as The Sauce Report instead.
But how? Simple enough. Hit the BB menu button and select “Link”

Then you may either type in the address or select “Paste URL” which is generally what I do. Copy the link or page address from your browser. Then click the “Paste URL” button. Be sure to add a description as this is what will appear in the text rather than the actual address.

If you’ve done this correctly it should appear like this on your blog post.

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