WordPress BlackBerry App 101 Tutorial for beginners

You’ve made the decision to start blogging and have decided that WordPress it what you what to use. The website works great. If you have access to a pc. Well WordPress & the BlackBerry Team have given us WordPress Mobile for BlackBerry. You can get it HERE if you don’t already have it. This is a free OTA download.

The first thing you must do in order to start blogging with your newly installed app is to go to the WordPress website and create your account. This is where you will choose the name for your account as well as the domain name for your page.

Your accounts set up on the website. Now how do you get started with the application on your BlackBerry? First, open the application. Simple enough. Now you will need to add your accounts to the mobile application. How? Well, start by hitting the BB menu button and selecting “add blog”

Then select the top item on the menu “wordpress.com blogs”

Then sign in to your WordPress account

And Select the Blog you wish to add to your mobile WordPress App.

So now you’ve added your blog from the website to the mobile app. Now how do you start posting? Click the top line “posts”

This is a new blog so you will see this “Hello world” post. This can either be left, edited, or deleted. I choose to delete it.

Now hit that BB menu Button and select “New” the next screen you see will be your post screen. This is where you make it all happen. Fill in your title, add categories, links, pics etc.

I like to add a category that fits what I’m writing about.

Now that you’ve added your category its time to blog. Have fun writing.

So you’ve finished writing and have hit “send” in the menu list. Your screen should look something like this.

So now go open your blog page in your browser and enjoy what you’ve written. How? Remember that domain name you chose when you first registered your blog? http:// blog name.wordpress.com

Oh, so you wish to add pic’s and links to your post? And have them placed exactly where you want them to appear? Stay tuned as this is not difficult. Its just not a 101 class.

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