Assault Rifle vs. Sporting Rifle

Sturmgewehre does an excellent job explaining the differences between today’s Modern Sporting Rifles and assault rifles. Give this a watch. You may just learn something that the general media doesn’t want you to know.

American Lock Down – It Could Happen Again

I’d like to thank PintoBlades for taking the time to post this very informative series called American Lock Down on his YouTube channel. Think it won’t happen here again? Have you not been paying attention to the things that have been happening in plain sight? The very best way to hide something is to do […]

Cops kicked out of Denny’s for carrying a gun

Thanks sailingmanuel for posting this most ridiculous example of Anti-gun rhetoric I’ve seen in some time displayed by a franchisee. Not allowing plain clothes detectives to openly carry their sidearms is simply insane.

Gun Control Explained

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good ‘ol cartoon to help explain things. Watch this to have Gun Control explained in such a way that everyone can understand the ridiculousness of the liberal anti-gun culture. [youtube]