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I’ve decided to share the collection of free printable targets that I’ve found while searching the interwebs. The pertinent particulars regarding origination should be visible on each target. So, I think I’m covered in copyright area as I’m simply sharing (without changing or claiming ownership) that which has been and currently is being shared for free by the original creating parties. Should you be interested in other free printable targets feel free to fire up the Google machine.

Below each image I’ve added a link to download from Drive for your convenience.

image NRA B-2

image NRA B-3

image NRA B-6

image NRA B-8

imageSight In Target

image NA Hunter Bullseye

imageNA Hunter 2×1

imageNA Hunter 3×2

imageNA Hunter 4×3

imageMidway USA Pistol Target

imageLucky Gunner Targets Competition Bullseye

image Targetz Silhouette

imageMyTargets – Target22 Circles

I created the following targets using the target generator at PrintTargets.net

image Q Target 2 – 4×4

image Q Target 3 Rimfire – 4×4

image Q Target 6 – 5×4

image Q Target 4 – 2×1

image Q Target 5 – 1×1

Enter the GunTalk Radio / Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm Giveaway.  Click here to go to the Contest Page on GunTalk Radio’s website.


Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm, two 7-round XD-S magazines and an XD-S carrying case

XD-S 9mm:
The comfortable design of the all new XD-STM feels so natural, it’s like an extension of your own body. The unique combination of an ultra-slim profile paired with enhanced performance point-and-shoot features allows you to shoot accurately without having to adjust your wrist giving you greater control.
Prepare to be impressed with the single-position Picatinny rail that puts lights and lasers within easy reach. With an eye toward detail, the low-profile rear and fiber-optic front sights are specifically designed to allow you to quickly zero in on your target.

A game-changer in the marketplace, the XD-STM offers all of the quality and safety features you expect from the XD® line. This powerful pistol includes the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger SystemTM, loaded chamber indicator and grip safety. In addition, the XD-STM offers a top-of-the-line, enhanced secure grip texture for greater control and usability.

The new XD-S 3.3″ 9mm comes with two flush fitting 7+1 capacity magazines, and is offered in both black and bi-tone. Additional accessories, including a 9+1 magazine with X-TensionTM will be available for purchase. Visit www.xdspistol.com for further details and photos of this new product!

(Qball45.com holds no vested interest in this contest and is only sharing the information found on the Guntalk.com Contest page.)

We would like to think that gun confiscation couldn’t happen. The trouble with that line of thinking is that it has already happened in the not so distant past. Do you recall hearing anything in the news immediately after hurricane Katrina about firearms being confiscated? If you don’t watch this to refresh your mind.

I’d like to thank PintoBlades for taking the time to post this very informative series called American Lock Down on his YouTube channel. Think it won’t happen here again? Have you not been paying attention to the things that have been happening in plain sight? The very best way to hide something is to do so right under your nose in plain sight. This 6 part series will take you some time to watch in it’s entirety. I’d consider it time well spent.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Thanks sailingmanuel for posting this most ridiculous example of Anti-gun rhetoric I’ve seen in some time displayed by a franchisee. Not allowing plain clothes detectives to openly carry their sidearms is simply insane.