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Mini Rod Tractor Pull

Back in July of 2013 I took the kids to watch the mini rod tractor pull.  Naturally I decided to take a few pictures.  Well… Pictures turned into videos.  I’m not one for keeping cool videos to myself so it was uploaded to my YouTube channel.  For some reason I was looking at view counts

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Big Waves at Canal Park – Duluth, MN

Having heard the stories about The Edmund Fitzgerald and it’s disappearance on November 10th, 1975 we’ve been talking about making a trip up to Duluth in November.  So arrangements were made to get the trip put into our busy schedule.  As luck would have it the weekend, Duluth and the majority of Minnesota is being clobbered by

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QBall45’s 6th Anniversary 

It appears that I’m having an Anniversary here on the site.  Who’d have remembered?  Certainly not I!  Thanks to for the reminder notification.   I may have forgotten this particular Anniversary however, I did remember and made plans for Sunday.  There may or may not be some dinner plans with the Mrs  to celebrate

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Water In A Box?

I found this at the grocery store this evening. Why would anyone want water in a box? The concept just seems ridiculous to me though I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical reason for water to be in a box. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come up with such a reason while I was taking this

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Crazy Cats On My Ladder

I was in between coats of paint in the bathroom so naturally I moved the ladder out to make a bit more space.  I guess the cats figured I was giving them a new climbing toy or something.  It was fun watching them climb up and down.  –QBall45

Administrative Note

I know that things have been a bit slow here on my site.  No excuse for it other than life has been busy in the last year.  This year is looking much the same, so much to do with little free time.  That said, I’m going to put forth more of an effort to post

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