This is what happens sometimes when morons are allowed to drive.


Drive into a tight spot expecting that you’ll be able to back out… That’s when thr worst happens… Your reverse gear goes out… Nose up to a building & ya can’t back up.  Now what?  You’d best get busy calling a wrecker because I’m not able nor willing to help.  By the way, how did you think it was wise to stick your rig in that spot anyway?  I mean really!  It wasn’t necessary at all.

I came upon a wreck this morning which is not uncommon this time of year.  I fully expect to see bent sheet metal when the weather turns nasty and the roads become covered in snow and ice.  However, there’s no reason for this when the road is bone dry.  Yet day after day it happens anyway. 


This enclosed car hauler looks to have been riding along in the right lane.  From the looks of it this is likely one of Swift’s Custom Carriers.  (which may explain a lot)


A drop deck oversize Peterbuilt loaded with a sprayer and combine head Out in the left hand lane to pass.

Somehow these two big rigs managed to get all tangled up. From my experience that sprayer was hanging over the edge of the deck. This is a normal occurrence and is not the cause nor explanation for this mess. Careless inattentive driving is the real cause.

When you think that your day is all jacked up just remember it could be worse… One minute you’re driving along minding your business… The next thing you know you’ve been hit by another driver and your ride is a twisted mess of scrap metal.

If This week started out with roads that were a sloppy mess typical of a Minnesota winter.  While I was loading todays load yesterday afternoon I decided I’d clean my glass as it had become all but impossible to see out the side windows. With paper towels in hand I reached for my can of glass cleaner. EMPTY?!? I may a put stop at the truck stop to grab another can. I found only two choices, $10.99 or $3.99. Being cheap I grabbed the can for $3.99 which I figured was more than it should have been but I needed it. The can claims to be “streak free” which I found to be true. I was sadly disappointed when I attempted to clean my mirrors… instant frozen. Well thats not hard to fix… opened the drivers door and hit the button for the mirror heat… problem solved. Does this particular brand work? Sure it does… I guess. Would I but it again? Only if I absolutely had to.


Over priced cheap store brand glass cleaner.

On many occasions I’ve driven through the small town in north central Iowa called Pocahontas. I’m always in a rush to get somewhere and have not stopped for a picture. As luck would have it, I was not in my usual rush as I passed through today. So with my flashers on I pulled ‘er over long enough to snap this picture. I’ve no way to know just how tall she is. My best guess is near 20 feet.

Dear OOIDA Member, 

A bill that will repeal the 2013 requirement that all federal, state and larger local government entities withhold 3% of the payments they make to businesses that do work for them will be voted on by the U.S. Senate TODAY. 

The Senate will begin debating and amending H.R. 674 ( sometime early this afternoon and is scheduled to vote on the bill’s final passage early this evening.

With the help of many truckers, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 405-16 to pass H.R. 674 a few weeks ago.  Now it’s the Senate’s turn to do the right thing.

Please call both of your Senators today and tell them to support H.R. 674!

To contact your lawmakers in the U.S. Senate, simply call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and provide the operator with your home zip code. The operator will connect you to your lawmakers’ offices.

You are also welcome to call OOIDA at (800) 444-5791. Association staff will be happy to provide you contact information for your Senators.