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No Reverse Gear

This is what happens sometimes when morons are allowed to drive. Drive into a tight spot expecting that you’ll be able to back out… That’s when thr worst happens… Your reverse gear goes out… Nose up to a building & ya can’t back up.  Now what?  You’d best get busy calling a wrecker because I’m

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On many occasions I’ve driven through the small town in north central Iowa called Pocahontas. I’m always in a rush to get somewhere and have not stopped for a picture. As luck would have it, I was not in my usual rush as I passed through today. So with my flashers on I pulled ‘er

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3.5 MPH

Stick in the rush crawling along at 3.5 MPH. Might as well have the brakes set. Only granny low gear is left to drop in to. And I’m not certain I’ve put ‘er into low on this rig yet since I got it.

OOIDA Call to Action Alert – Update on HR 674

Dear OOIDA Member,  A bill that will repeal the 2013 requirement that all federal, state and larger local government entities withhold 3% of the payments they make to businesses that do work for them will be voted on by the U.S. Senate TODAY.  The Senate will begin debating and amending H.R. 674 ( sometime early this

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