I had the opportunity to assist with building a temporary road that is going to be used for replacing a bridge.

Only one load of many was actually driven in.  The others had to be backed in.

The final load I delivered to the railroad project was supposed to be dumped at the cone. I think I nailed it.


Occasionally it becomes necessary to remove a perfectly good garage floor because of water caused damage. In this particular case ground water caused the block walls,  that support the building, to lean out in such a way as to put the building at risk of collapse.

Here I sit, contemplating the scenery before me, behind me, beside me, all around me.  Simply enjoying life and some good ol fresh country air waiting for the floater to arrive so that I can unload this fertilizer.  Life is good!  – QBall45 

When you are asked if you are interested in driving semi tendering fertilizer for the Co-Op the only correct answer is “when do I need to be there?”  

Waiting in line to load the first load of the day.  

Made it to the field.  

After a full load and a partial I’m back in line to preload my first load for tomorrow morning.  

My day started with a phone call from the boss asking if I was interested in making a trip to the Twin Cities.  (turns out it was Farmington)  Not being one for telling the boss no, naturally I said “sure why not.”  

I was asked to return this funny looking contraption after loading it with the assistance of our excavator operator extradonaire Lee with Bubba’s assistance on the ground.  You see, I know how to drive.  I don’t know what I’m doing lifting stuff in the air and carefully placing it in the exact spot on a trailer.  Fortunately for me I work with guys like Lee and Bubba.  Once I delivered this contraption, a return load of miscellaneous pipe and fittings.  

The end of my day was spent hauling asphalt mix to finally cover the remaining unfinished piece of front street.  Everyone is excited to see this project coming close to completion.  Having front street torn up for nearly two years has been a serious pain in the butt for everyone.  

With overnight rain tomorrow could prove to be interesting with more paving operations scheduled for morning.  Until next time… – QBall45