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Working On The Railroad 

I had the opportunity to assist with building a temporary road that is going to be used for replacing a bridge. Only one load of many was actually driven in.  The others had to be backed in. The final load I delivered to the railroad project was supposed to be dumped at the cone. I

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Garage Floor Demo

Occasionally it becomes necessary to remove a perfectly good garage floor because of water caused damage. In this particular case ground water caused the block walls,  that support the building, to lean out in such a way as to put the building at risk of collapse.

Sitting In A Field 

Here I sit, contemplating the scenery before me, behind me, beside me, all around me.  Simply enjoying life and some good ol fresh country air waiting for the floater to arrive so that I can unload this fertilizer.  Life is good!  – QBall45 

Back Straight Up 

When I’m asked if you wouldn’t mind backing straight up I tend to just do as I’m asked.   OK so maybe it didn’t end up “exactly” but who cares and does it really matter?  This is a bean field after all.  

Fertilizer Time

When you are asked if you are interested in driving semi tendering fertilizer for the Co-Op the only correct answer is “when do I need to be there?”   Waiting in line to load the first load of the day.   Made it to the field.   After a full load and a partial I’m

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Today Was A Bit Unusual 

My day started with a phone call from the boss asking if I was interested in making a trip to the Twin Cities.  (turns out it was Farmington)  Not being one for telling the boss no, naturally I said “sure why not.”   I was asked to return this funny looking contraption after loading it

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