Today its yet another @_Lucky45 theme I’m using. This time its his v10.2

While much the same as previous versions this rendition sports more PlayBook icons and contains a few bug fixes. I’ll call this version just about perfect once I overlook the flaws induced by RIM’s Theme Builder Gold Edition. Job well done Lucky. Keep up the good work.

Download Lucky45’s v10.2 OTA HERE

Leave your feedback for Lucky45 HERE on his CrackBerry forum thread. Be sure to click the “Thanks” button for him if you appreciate his work as I do.

QBall Fresh OTA
QBall Fresh OS6 Icons OTA
QBall Fresh OS5 Icons OTA

*8 icon mirco dock.
*Hidden Today
*Functional 3G Network font
*Semi transparent menus
*User definable menu fonts
*User definable dock icons
*Hotspot in the banner for options, clock, calendar, manage connections
*Hotkeys: Weather slot +,- Micro Dock #,* sms/mms $ Quick Launch (spacebar) Crunchsms ! UberTwitter ?

The credits & Thank You’s:
Thank you Big Papa @ Big Papa Creations for all your assistance.

Icons, indicators & meters used may be found @ BlackBerry Theme Lab

Thanks to Ben.Keen for his call & app screen backgrounds.

Thanks to Lourdes for posting yet another great wallpaper. Wallpaper

Thank you mybbota for ota hosting. MYBBOTA

Please remember to do a battery pull after installing any new theme.

I’ve updated QBall 3G with some new stuff. Check it out. Please leave feedback good, bad or ugly. Just let me know what you think.

QBall 3G OTA

*All icon slots are set according to your app order.
*Fonts are all user definable
*Functional 3G network font
*cursor parking spot. Navigate to the top left icon and roll left. The cursor is now parked. To show it again simply roll to the right.
*Transparent menus
*Hotkeyed Dock # shows * hides
** ? UberTwitter
** $ sms/mms
** f Facebook
** d Memopad

Icons & Indicators used are made by Big Papa from BlackBerry Theme Lab
Percentage battery meter by: Jeffallen8. Thanks Jeff for sharing.
Percentage Battery Meter

Thanks to MYBBOTA for the free OTA hosting. MYBBOTA

Wallpaper shown is personal wallpaper and may be found HERE