QBall45’s BB Screen

Today its yet another @_Lucky45 theme I’m using. This time its his v10.2

While much the same as previous versions this rendition sports more PlayBook icons and contains a few bug fixes. I’ll call this version just about perfect once I overlook the flaws induced by RIM’s Theme Builder Gold Edition. Job well done Lucky. Keep up the good work.

Download Lucky45’s v10.2 OTA HERE

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Here’s what’s on my BlackBerry screen today.

I had the pleasure of checking out Lucky45’s new v8.1 OS6 Theme using REAL PlayBook & OS7 icons for 97xx & 9650 today before it was posted on CrackBerry. This was a real treat for me. I’ve been a fan of his work for a while now.

One thing that sets this theme apart from others is the use of some icons ripped from the BlackBerry Playbook. Its. Only a handful of Playbook icons filled in with os7 icons. Looks sweet to me.

v8.1 OTA

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Special note:
If you download this v8.1 you will notice you are missing the application names under your icons. No there isn’t a problem with the version you downloaded. I am using a os modification. To learn more on this read this.

This is Lucky45’s v8.1 as it was intended to be without that os modificatio that adds application names below the icons.


I am often asked what theme I am currently running on my BlackBerry. So, I have decided to add a page to showcase the theme I am currently using. I will also include links to source as well as the OTA link if its a free download.

This morning I found an updated version of Lucky45’s OS6 Small Banner Theme using 6.1 Icons on CrackBerry.com. I have tried almost all of the versions of this theme. Like all themes, the early builds had a few bugs. However, Lucky45 has kept at it and worked out the kinks.

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v5.3 OTA