New Ruger 22/45 22lr

This afternoon I met a former coworker in the parking lot of a local gunshop. He was in the market for a shotgun and I happened to have one that rarely saw any use. After we exchanged gun for cash we walked inside. I proceeded to fill out the 4473 form, wait for the background check to be processed, exchanged cash for gun and walked out the door gun in hand. (No waiting period when you have a permit to purchase or a permit to carry)
I picked out a new Ruger mkiii 22/45 22lr. I have been wanting a 22 pistol to use for teaching my kids to shoot handguns. While they are able to use my 45 and 9mm I know that the 22 rimfire is far more enjoyable for youngsters.
With factory drilled and tapped mounting holes I’m thinking that I’ll probably end up adding a small reflex red dot sight.

As the sun was getting ready to set we lined up a handful of clay targets on the edge of the grove. Taking turns shooting and loading mags I heard only one complaint. “It sure would be nice if these 10 round magazines held more than 10 rounds!” I do believe that turning my 870 into this Ruger was a wise decision as this will likely be on the range every single time we shoot. The smiles on my backyard range this afternoon solidified the decision to change one gun for the other.

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