Lucky45’s v8.1

Here’s what’s on my BlackBerry screen today.

I had the pleasure of checking out Lucky45’s new v8.1 OS6 Theme using REAL PlayBook & OS7 icons for 97xx & 9650 today before it was posted on CrackBerry. This was a real treat for me. I’ve been a fan of his work for a while now.

One thing that sets this theme apart from others is the use of some icons ripped from the BlackBerry Playbook. Its. Only a handful of Playbook icons filled in with os7 icons. Looks sweet to me.

v8.1 OTA

Be sure to leave comments and feedback for Lucky45 on his CrackBerry forum thread HERE

Special note:
If you download this v8.1 you will notice you are missing the application names under your icons. No there isn’t a problem with the version you downloaded. I am using a os modification. To learn more on this read this.

This is Lucky45’s v8.1 as it was intended to be without that os modificatio that adds application names below the icons.


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